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I always try to capture the unique energy of an event. From gigs to weddings, proms to retirement parties, I make a point of capturing memories in original ways that will grab your attention and transport you back to that day. Whether it be deploying a mirrorless camera equipped with a silent shutter in hushed silence of a theatre, hanging a micro camera off the lighting rig above a crowd, for that wide video shot at a heavy metal gig, or harnessing myself to the inside of a car in order to lean out of the window with a heavy DSLR to capture 'that shot' of a team of charity cyclists coming over the brow of a hill, I will find a way to get the picture and capture events as they unfold.



Documenting art show's is something that I have extensive experience of. From capturing the buzz of an an opening nights preview to cataloging the artworks and exhibits, the importance of having a record can not be overstated . Whether it be used to secure future funding or to provide content for on and offline archives, your work, or the work of artists you commission, deserves to be professionally recorded.



Music is my passion and what I spend most of my time as a photographer documenting. When not photographing it I am either recording it as a producer, creating it as a musician, reviewing it as a writer or distributing it as the owner of a small independent record label. I have shot everything from tiny intimate acoustic gigs to huge outdoor festivals and all that comes between. I have shot album launch shows, album cover art work and band and artist promos (stills and video) and can offer this service as well as the documentation of live performances with photographs and/or High Definition video. I have recently produced a four venue retrospective exhibition of my live music works from the last three years. You can find out more about it here


The SelecterThe SelecterThe Selecter on the Subculture Tour live at THe Hub, Plymouth, 27/02/2016

Cloey Gets Good AirCloey Gets Good AirCloey Ramona gets good air at Plymouth Underground on 16/03/2016

Blinded by the SoundBlinded by the SoundElliott Day frontman with The Fluids in the heart of the action with other fellow fans during a 51st State Gig (supporting The Subhumans). Plymouth Underground 20/02/2015.


I have worked as a sound cue operator in Theater and have shot all kinds of live performance as a photographer from stand up comedy to performance poetry. I am acutely aware of how important it is to be able to disappear in such situations when the last thing those who are enjoying that special night out want is any distraction from the drama or performance unfolding before them.

You SirYou SirAl Murray's Pub Landlord during the 'Stand up for Satire' fundraising performance' at Islington's Union Chapel on behalf of The Index On Censorship' 2015.


I make a point of covering at least a few charity events free each year and volunteering to help cover worthwhile community endeavours when I can, as a volunteer or at a reduced rate. I understand the value and importance of good publicity material whether you are a charity, small business or large corporation and will apply the same attention to quality and detail whatever the commission. Time is precious and finite and I make it a priority to focus, be mindful and use it well. Head shots, candid shots of speakers and/or delegates, everything from motorcyclists, mime artists or marathon runners can increase the effectiveness of campaigns and events far beyond one individual date.




In sport things can happen very quickly so anticipation is crucial. Often the combination of low light and fast action (something that sport at a grassroots level can share with music) can make capturing that decisive moment, artistically and technically challenging. This also makes it the perfect arena (like music) to keep one's skills sharp but also a field that can be immensely rewarding. Whilst Portfolio shots can be organised thru our studio style or candid people portrait service, event shots can also be arranged for individual athletes and teams, at or before, dinners and award ceremonies. I have had several back pages in newspapers and work published in Boxing News.




Weddings are by their very nature special and unique. That the day should be captured with the same attention to detail that the happy couple have put into preparing for it, and with a style that reflects their theme and personalities, is crucial but not the whole story. I offer the chance to cover the preparation from proposal (candid or re-staged) thru engagement  to the special day and after. I hope that we can build an understanding that if you love my work will help document special moments in your lives, from the birth of children to buying your first pet or stepping thru the door of your first house for as long as photographing these events is important to you.




We all like to let our hair down and mark special occasions with a celebration. Birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, Christenings, Retirements, Proms they are all unique and deserving of commemorating with a tailor made set of images to remind you and your friends and loved ones of that special event. Like all the events listed here you can order prints directly from the site and have them made into beautiful hand made books, canvases, calendars, mugs, posters, framed art prints and a wide range of other gifts for yourself, guests or family who could not make it with our special Client gallery service.